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Beautiful and timeless, Comfortiva shoes are designed for women who want fashionable styles without compromising on comfort.

Drawing inspiration from nature and the art of handcrafting, Comfortiva uses premium leathers, rustic details and hand-finished touches to form the essence of the brand: Comfort in every step.

Comfort is at the core of every style. To support your active lifestyle, Comfortiva shoes are created using multiple footbed technologies and flexible constructions. And because Comfortiva believes that style should not be limited by your shoe size, the brand proudly offers extended sizes and widths throughout the collection.

Comfortiva’s Align Footbed stabilizes the foot by gently guiding it into position, supporting the heel and arch. The result is reduced pressure on tendons and joints

The Pillowtop Footbed is crafted with a memory foam responsive cushioning for long term comfort and improved foot stability.

shoes js shop comfortiva