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Even after hours your feet will feel fit and full of energy in AllRounder Shoes.

AllRounder by Mephisto delivers unparalleled comfort, perfect fit, unique Soft-Air technology which is highly regarded for the super-soft and tireless walking experience it delivers.

The secret behind the extraordinary walking comfort is AllRounder’s Soft-Air technology: a flexible, permanently elastic, super soft midsole reduces the shock from walking to an absolute minimum. This midsole removes shock and pressure from the joints, vertebrae and the spine. Think of it like walking on a soft carpet of moss – supporting and aligning all 26 bones in the human foot.

More than soft support, AllRounder shoes believe in a healthy foot climate. Our feet spend long hours inside shoes every day. The climate inside a shoe is similar to a sauna, which often leads to uncomfortable side effects! The all-natural inner lining, ensures a healthy and constantly pleasant foot climate.

The AllRounder is perfect for ALL your footwear and foot care needs.

Shop AllRounder by Mephisto on Shoes JS Amazon Store